Sunbathers EP

by Sunbathers

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released November 10, 2015

Sunbathers EP was recorded and produced by Donny Ingram at Dreamcatcher Studio. Music and lyrics written and recorded by Sunbathers. Sunbathers is Sean Lynott (vocals/synth), Peter Mindnich (guitar/vocals), Tim Boate (guitar), Sean Oliver (bass), Shohsei Oda (drums). Artwork by Marco Baccellieri.



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Sunbathers Baltimore, Maryland

Sunbathers are an indie rock band that formed in the fall of 2013. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the band filters their brand of indie rock through a decidedly pop-conscious lens.

In November 2015, the band released its debut self-titled EP, and their music has since received regular airplay on WTMD radio station, and features on a multitude of indie music blogs & YouTube channels.
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Track Name: Intimacy
I could feel the drip
Of your sweat on my chest
As you arched your back, exposed your neck

And the heat of your breath
The grip of your legs
Baby arch your back, expose your neck

It’s a little bit quieter all around

Fall to the floor
Collapse and crawl to the door
With a face like that, you’re bound to get away with a little more
Skin so light
From blue to white
You should be ashamed

It’s a little bit wilder all around

I feel like an animal
Make me beautiful
Track Name: Glory
Indigo at once. The precious young
All skin and rust
Fade in fade out
19 – 21

A golden gun
A guilty love
Just because it's all for fun
(Just because it's all for fun)

Face to face
Your only son
A pool of blood
(Your only son a pool of blood yeah yeah yeah)

Cruel Because

Sprawl all morning long
(Sprawl all morning long)
All gory, Glory
That you're falling on
(That you're falling on)
Bathe in this orange light
Ooh bathe in the sun

The backside of your head
(Backside of your head)
Wide open
From having too much fun
(From having too much fun, yeah yeah yeah)

Cruel because
Track Name: Summer in the City
I sweat the good stuff
because I've got enough to get me by
You've got the good drugs
Enough for me you and your girlfriend to get high

All we want is to get buzzed
And keep it up until the sunrise
Chasing after some good love
Though you know it's something we won't find

I'm livin' summer in the city

Dance for me in the low light
I'll trace all your desirable lines
Cast shadows on the pale white walls
Of two people intertwined
Combined and in time
I wanted nothing to do with your sad soul
But you were mine, oh you were mine, yeah

I'm livin' summer in the city

Dance away from me now
Pass a little love around
Dance away from me now

I'm livin' summer in the city
Track Name: Daisy
Down to your knees
You told me, lazily
Tasting every single bit of every briny inch of my spine

You’d lock your hands into mine
Fingers weave and intertwine and lose their grip
When you get tired of it

Manipulate me into tiny holes
In I go

Stuck in my teeth
ooh but I don’t want you there

Pointed tawny eyes
Caress me with distance
Straight down my thighs
In a fluid instance and tonic-like

As you twist around the light
Tongue out hanging velvet white,
dripping spit
From the corner of your lips
ooh c'mon I see why yeah
Manipulate me into tiny holes
Oh in I go, in I go

Stuck in my teeth
Ooh but I don't want you there
Track Name: All Your Lovely Colors
All the kids are laughing with their eyes sewn shut
As they smack open a piñata full of blood

Let 'em loose in the water
Let 'em lose their wonder

Loud as a muffler
Lonely losing all your lovely colors
Silence makes you seem a little bit tougher
But you've got sweet eyes like your mother

Let 'em loose in the gutter
Sewer rats cooing at one another

Gonna slither down
All around in the dark

Said I'm gonna slither down
All around in the dark

Straight down to your open mouth